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Πανελλήνιο συνέδριο: Δίκαιο, Οικονομία και Διεθνείς Σχέσεις


Supervisor: Ioannis Velentzas

Title: Hotel Management Agreement based on National and Union Law

Three – Member Advisory Comitee: Ioannis Velentzas, Nikolaos Tellis, Timoleon Kosmidis

Abstract: The aim of this PhD thesis will be to study the aforementioned forms of operation of the hotel industry (Lease and Management Agreements), both nationally and internationally. The theoretical review that will be carried out in this dissertation will demonstrate that the two main forms of operation of the hotel industry under consideration (Management Contracts and Lease Contracts) have been of particular concern to scholars at the international level. However, at the national level, a research gap has been identified, which this PhD thesis attempts to fill. Given the important position of tourism in the Greek economy and development, we understand that the investigation of this particular subject is a particularly important issue.

Specifically, we attempt to study the application of the forms of operation of the hotel industry under consideration (Lease and Management Agreements) in Greek hotel enterprises. However, through the jurisprudential decisions, which constitute the method of analysis of the theory, we see in practice how these two forms of contracts meet and operate, the search for the true will in the context of the interpretation of legal transactions, the differences between the management contract and the business lease contract (contract of lease of a profitable object) and finally the forensic conviction of the court as to the formulation of the decision and the result.