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Πανελλήνιο συνέδριο: Δίκαιο, Οικονομία και Διεθνείς Σχέσεις


The Department of International and European Economic studies was established as a new department in the University of Western Macedonia, with law 4610/2019. It is considered as one of the emerging departments of Economic sciences combining and promoting not only the basic courses of science but by adopting its modern tendencies, offering lessons that relate to the contemporaries of concerns so that graduates are supplied not only with academic theory but with its applied practice.

The curriculum covers on the one hand the field of economic sciences focusing on internationalization and international entrepreneurship, globalization and European economic integration, the international economic relations of the EU and Greece as well as with the adoption of administrative courses in the field of international Business Administration, Business Accounting and international finance, adding value to graduates with an attractive, modern program.

The graduates of the Department receive the degree of economics which is equivalent not only to the degrees of the other respective financial departments of the Greek universities but is equal to the corresponding degree of economics of European and American Universities.

Compared to other similar parts of European studies, the DEOS varies, as it treats, first and foremost, economic science on international and especially on European level and secondarily other related sciences, such as Politics, Law and Business Administration. It aims at the high level of studies of the department, at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, as its scientific teaching staff has great experience and is highly regarded internationally for their academic status.