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Student advocate

The Student Advocate (https://www.uowm.gr/dioikisi/domes/synigoros-toy-foititi-toy-pdm/), aims to mediate between students and professors or administrative services of the institution, to observe legality in framework of academic freedom, dealing with maladministration phenomena and safeguarding the orderly operation of the institution. The Student Advocate has no authority in matters of exams and students’ grades.

The Student Advocate investigates cases, ex officio or following a student’s report, and mediates with the institution’s competent bodies for their resolution. It can request from the services of the institution any information, document, or other evidence on the case, examine persons, perform an autopsy, and order an expert opinion. If the Student Advocate ascertains that in a specific case the law is not respected, that there are phenomena of maladministration or that the orderly operation of the institution is disturbed, he draws up a conclusion about which he notifies the professor concerned or the competent administrative department and the student who submitted the report and mediates with each convenient way to solve the problem. The Student Advocate may, by his act, place in the file a report that is considered clearly vague, unfounded, or unsupported, while in the event that he considers that there are indications of a disciplinary offense, he forwards the case to the competent disciplinary body.