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Student welfare

The Student Welfare service provides administrative support in all activities related to student welfare, in accordance with the current legislation, state funds and Governance decisions.

The Student Welfare team coordinate and provide high quality services and information on issues related mainly to free meals, accommodation and social welfare issues, such as student accommodation benefits.

In detail, the Student Welfare service:

  • monitors the implementation of the decisions taken by the UoWM Administration bodies concerning student welfare and, in general, undergraduate students’ wellbeing
  • compiles legislation and decisions on student welfare issues
  • implements current legislation about student welfare
  • coordinates and monitors student welfare processes in all UoWM academic units (Kozani, Grevena, Ptolemaida, Kastoria and Florina)
  • draws up instructions and circulars in order to ensure effective operation of student welfare services in all UoWM student welfare offices
  • examines financial support documents and applications for granting student accommodation benefits, free meals and free accommodation on campus
  • operates a database of beneficiaries and collects data about student welfare at UoWM
  • supports students with disabilities
  • monitors and updates information about student welfare on the university website

Student Welfare service
UoWM campus
Kila, Kozani 50150

Markouli Despina (Head)
Tel.: 24610 68271, 68275, 68276, 68277
Fax: 2461029680
e-mail: dmarkouli@uowm.gr, merimna@uowm.gr

Giorgos Galanis
Tel.: 2461068275
Fax: 2461029680
e-mail: ggalanis@uowm.gr

Konstantina Tsakrili
Tel.: 2461068276
Fax: 2461029680
e-mail: ktsakrili@uowm.gr

Chrysanthi Siogia
Tel.: 2461068271
Fax: 2461029680
e-mail: csiogia@uowm.gr

Evgenia Akrivopoulou
Tel.: 2385054664 & 54667 & 24640
Fax: 2385054621
e-mail: eakrivopoulou@uowm.gr

Despina Salasidou
Tel.: 2467087180
Fax: 2467087063
e-mail: dsalasidou@uowm.gr

Dimitrios Nikolaou
Tel.: 2462061604
Fax: 2462061603
e-mail: dnikolaou@uowm.gr

Chrysoula Dimza
Tel.: 2462061607
Fax: 2462061603
e-mail: cdimza@uowm.gr


Kalliopi Schoulidou
Tel.: 2463055303
Fax: 2463080899
e-mail: ot@uowm.gr