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Quality assurance policy

The Quality Assurance Policy of the Department of International and European Economic Studies is fully aligned with the Quality Assurance Policy of the University of Western Macedonia and focuses on the continuous improvement of the quality of the course curriculum, educational, research and administrative work.

The achievement of this goal is achieved through the Department’s commitment to providing high quality educational and research services in order to continuously meet the requirements and expectations of students, graduates, teaching, research and administrative staff, collaborating institutions and society.

The Department’s Quality Policy is based on the maximum satisfaction of the students’ requirements through excellence in the educational process, innovation and the best implementation of the course curriculum. This policy is realized by:

  • general compliance with the legal frameworks and regulations of both the Department and the University,
  • transparency in the functioning of the Department,
  • compliance with the accreditation criteria and with the Principles and Guidelines for Quality Assurance
  • harmonisation of quality assurance procedures with the overall strategy of the University.

The purpose of the quality assurance policy is to include procedures that help to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Improving the quality of the research work of the academic staff.
  2. Improving the quality of the teaching work provided by academic staff in the undergraduate curriculum.
  3. Improving the content of the undergraduate curriculum to reflect developments.
  4. Linking the content of the undergraduate curriculum to the requirements of the labour market.
  5. Linking the research work of academic staff to the teaching courses.
  6. Improving the quality of services supporting the educational process.
  7. Evaluation and revision of the undergraduate curriculum.

In particular, the implementation of the quality policy of the Department of the International and European Economic Studies requires the implementation of quality procedures that ensure:

  • continuous improvement of quality in the educational and research process as well as in the services of the Department
  • promotion to society, to the state and to the international scientific community of the work carried out in the Department.
  • link teaching with research and requirements of modern society
  • encouraging the involvement of external stakeholders in quality assurance
  • creating a climate of respect and good cooperation between all those involved in the operation of the Department through best practice in problem solving
  • carry out the internal evaluation of the Undergraduate course curriculum.